Need a Ride?

The Greater Hazleton Health Alliance Patient Shuttle Service is available to all Hazleton residents. It is a free service offered by Hazleton General Hospital to serve the area's patient transport- ation needs.

You no longer need to let a lack of transportation stop you from getting the care you need.
To arrange transportation, simply call the shuttle service at (570) 501-4990 two weeks prior to your scheduled appointment.


Since it was launched in July of 1997, the Greater Hazleton Health alliance's Patient Shuttle Service has become one of the most popular programs offered by our community hospital.

The initial need for this service was discovered through a community health needs assesment study conducted in 1995. Horizons for a Healthier Hazleton, a group of community leaders, provided input for the survey conducted by a consultant for Hazleton General Hospital. Often, it is very difficult for a patient to get a ride to the hospital or doctor's office without having to inconvenience a friend or family member for several hours. In many instances, elderly patients have no children living in the area who can take them to their appointment.

The Greater Hazleton Health Allicane has responded to this need by offering its free shuttle service.