Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic maxillofacial surgery is any procedure used to enhance, correct or repair any physical deformity or undesirable characteristic pertaining to the lips, jaws, mouth, nose, eyes, cheeks, and other portions of the face. This type of surgery can be helpful in repairing malformations caused by diseases, injury or trauma, burns, aging, birth defects or previous surgery. Cosmetic surgery also serves as a means to restore normal function and improve your appearance. It may also add to your self-confidence and self-esteem, but this is not our primary objective. It is important that you understand that the goal of cosmetic maxillofacial surgery is to improve your appearance, it will not give you a new face or a new life.

Dr. Falcone has had extensive training in facial cosmetic surgical procedures and is uniquely qualified to treat any facial deformity.  He has received education in performing surgery on the soft and hard tissues of the face during his residency and his post-residency fellowship.  Dr. Falcone understands the fine balance between facial appearance and function, due to his surgical and dental background.  He also receives continuing education credits each year to provide you with the most advanced facial cosmetic procedures, as well as other oral and maxillofacial surgery procedures.

A decision to have cosmetic maxillofacial surgery is a personal one. It is crucial to discuss your individual concerns and expectations thoroughly with Dr. Falcone. You must proceed with realistic expectations and a good attitude, as your recovery will depend on it. Patience is also necessary on your part. Your final cosmetic result may not be apparent until many months after your surgery.

Remember that cosmetic maxillofacial surgery is usually considered an “elective” rather than a medically necessary procedure. It is usually not covered by your insurance plan, but since there is so much variety in insurance today, check with your carrier to determine if your surgery is a covered procedure.

Prior to any surgery, Dr. Falcone will take a thorough medical history and perform an extensive physical evaluation to see if you are indeed a candidate for surgery. One or more visits may be required to discuss your procedure, the expected results, changes in appearance, risks and complications as well as anesthetic choices.

Most times, cosmetic maxillofacial surgery can be performed right in Dr. Falcone’s office. Sometimes, it must be performed in a hospital setting. This will depend on the procedure as well as Dr.’s and your preference. Local anesthesia, intravenous sedation as well as general anesthesia may be used to perform these types of procedures.

Some of the types of cosmetic maxillofacial surgery available are as follows:

  •     Nasal reconstruction (rhinoplasty or nose job)
  •     Facelift (rhytidectomy)
  •     Cosmetic surgery for the eyes 
        (blepharoplasty, forehead/eyebrow lift)
  •     Chin surgery (genioplasty)
  •     Cheek implants or removal of fat around cheekbones to
        enhance this area
  •     Facial and neck (cervical) liposuction
  •     Treatment of facial wrinkling (chemical peel, laser skin
    dermabrasion injections and fillers)
  •     Treatment of facial scarring
  •     Lip augmentation

If you are concerned with your facial appearance and wish to have a consultation and examination, please contact our office at (570) 455-5889. Our concerned staff will help answer any questions you may have on cosmetic maxillofacial surgery procedures and schedule your appointment with Dr. Falcone. He will be happy to discuss the treatment alternatives available to you and formulate a personalized treatment plan.